New Kiosk System at the Yuma Shuttle

CHS would like to take this opportunity to explain our new Kiosk card reader and touch screen system being installed and ready for wheat harvest 2020 at our Yuma Shuttle Facility.

With the new kiosk system, drivers will no longer have to leave their trucks at any time during the unloading process, will be able to select which account the wheat will need to go in and will make harvest more efficient for getting in and out of the elevator.  Each truck will have a card with your accounts pre-loaded on it and once the card is scanned the driver will select which one of your accounts the wheat needs to go on.  All kiosks have an intercom button that will call the scale house. If you need assistance or have comments you would like added to the ticket, please use the intercom.

The process of going through the shuttle using the kiosks is as follows:

Kiosk #1:  Located on the southeast side of the office.  At this kiosk you will scan your card to choose the correct account.  After the card is scanned and account is chosen you will pull ahead to get your load probed and graded.

Kiosk #2:  Located on the northwest side of the truck scale.  Once on the scale you will scan your card and your truck will be weighed.  Once weighed you will proceed to the designated pit where you are to dump.  After dumping return to the scale.

Kiosk #3:  Located on the southeast side of the scale.  You will scan your card and your truck will be weighed.  Once weighed a ticket will be printed at this kiosk and you can return to the field.  You will no longer have to stop at the office for your ticket.

One piece of information to note is that there will be a six-foot electronic message board as trucks enter the facility.  This board will contain important information for the driver as they pull into the shuttle.

To ensure a smooth transition to the new system, please contact Lori Pieper or Dalton Hinde in the Administration Office (970-848-5432) to make any changes to accounts or to set up new accounts.  This is critical to ensure fewer mistakes and a quick unload once you start hauling grain to the facility. Please contact the Administration Office to indicate how many cards you will need.

If you are interested in doing a run through prior to harvest, please contact Jason Rahm at 970-630-3490.  Due to tight schedules, we cannot assure you that we can accommodate a practice run but please call and we will do our best to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.  CHS is committed to providing connections of value for you.  We appreciate your business and wish you a safe harvest season.

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